Lightning Talk

event 2018-06-17 (Day 2) ~ 13:10 - 13:40
explore Conference Hall 4-5

After GitHub: How to Host Your Own Code and Stay Connected

Speaker: Koala Yeung

GitHub: A proposal for Federating Gi.


The Birth of HKOSCon 2018 App

Speaker: Tony Yip

How we built a cross-platform mobile Apps for our conference.


Vote in the Open Source Way

Speaker: Anthony Wong

Will talk about how the Debian project voting system be applied in my work.


Open Standards, Open Source, Universal Acceptance

Speaker: Edmon Chung


Koala Yeung

Koala Yeung

Hong Kong Linux User Group / Hong Kong
Tony Yip

Tony Yip

HKOSCon Web Team / Hong Kong
Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong

Canonical / Hong Kong
Edmon Chung

Edmon Chung / Hong Kong

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