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Cookies are used to make interactions with our content easy and meaningful. We use cookies (and similar technologies, like HTML5 localStorage) to remember your browsing record and provide information for future development of HKOSCon. We also use cookies to identify a device, for marketing reasons. By using our website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your computer or device. If you disable your browser or device’s ability to accept cookies, it will be completely fine.

Tracking and analytics

We use a number of third party analytics and service providers to help us evaluate our visitors' use of website; and improve our content and website performance. We only use these third party analytics providers on certain areas of our website, and all of them have signed data protection agreements that limit the type of personal information they can collect and the purpose for which they can process the information.

Data Retention

We have set the data retention period of our Google Analytics account to 14 months.


The policy is based on GitHub Privacy Statement This policy is licensed under this Creative Commons Zero license.


If you have concerns about the way HKOSCon is handling your User Personal Information, please let us know immediately. We want to help. You may email us directly at conference@opensource.hk with the subject line "Privacy Concerns."

This website uses cookies

We use cookies on this website for marketing insights to improve HKOSCon. Please allow us in supporting the cause. We promise we'd be good.

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