Git Time Travellers

event 2018-06-16 (Day 1) ~ 16:20 - 16:50
explore Conference Hall 4-5
comment English
comment English

Changing the history of a Git repository is something you typically don't (want to) do. But what if you get the task to make your closed source applications open source? That's exactly how we spent our summer. In this talk we will share our adventure in changing history. We'll be going over our initial approach, the rough way, and the more elegant way. We'll gladly share the pitfalls both foreseen and unforeseen we came across and how we resolved them.

Michael Demey

Michael Demey

iText software / Belgium

Michael is interested in Open Source software and licenses Michaƫl has been a developer at iText Software since 2011.

Working closely together with its users he has a keen insight on how the real world uses PDF.  He has been known to have short flings with other JVM languages, but at heart he's a Java Developer.

When he's not looking at PDF syntax, he likes to play music and (tries to ) develop games.

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