Waiting too long for Excel's VLOOKUP? Use SQLite for simple data analysis!

Excel formulas can be quite slow when you're processing data files with thousands of rows. It's also especially difficult to maintain the files when you have some messy mixture of VLOOKUPs, Pivot Tables, Macros and VBAs.

In this interactive workshop targeted for non-coders, we will make use of SQLite, a very lightweight and portable open source database library, to perform some simple and repeatable data analysis on large datasets that are publicly available. We will also explore what you can further do with the data by using some powerful extensions of SQLite.

While SQLite may not totally replace Excel in many ways, after the workshop you will find that it can improve your work efficiency and make your life much easier in so many use cases!

Who should attend this workshop?

  • - If you're frustrated with the slow performance of Excel formulas when dealing with large datasets in your daily work
  • - No coding experience is required

Day 2 (10th June) 10:00 AM - 11:10 AM
Training Room 3
English (English Slides)
For General Public
Bring your own laptop (it can be Windows, Mac or Linux)


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