• Open Source Hong Kong

    Open Source Hong Kong ( OSHK ) is a community in aim of advocacy and promotion on concepts and uses of open source, to organise meet-ups, seminars, conferences and other events in Hong Kong and Asia. OSHK encourages communication and collaboration of open source, open technology and open culture related communities in Hong Kong and the world.
  • Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association

    This conference organised by Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association ( HKCOTA ). This association is a non-profit tax-exempt charity organisation (Reg.# 91/12580) founded in 2014 to promote Open Standards; Free and Open Source Software; Open Hardware; Free Culture Works, Open Content and Creative Commons.
  • Hong Kong Linux User Group

    Hong Kong Linux User Group (HKLUG) is a community of professionals, private individuals, students who are interested in the Linux operating system. Founded in 1997, the HKLUG has been promoting the use of the Linux, Free and Open Source Software and related issues. HKLUG also organised a number of conferences such as GNOME.Asia 2012 where more than 120 participants from Hong Kong and overseas attended.

Supporting Organization

  • Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter

    ISOCHK is organzing the HKIGF quarterly. Each roundtable will focus on a particular controversial issue related to current Internet affairs in Hong Kong. Established in 2005, ISOC HK (Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter) is dedicated to the open, unencumbered, beneficial use of the Internet; the upholding of the freedom of expression and opinion, privacy of personal information and aversion of social discrimination; through responsible self-regulation and harmonized governance.



    COSCUP - Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters is organized by major open source communities in Taiwan. The major goal is to create a friendly and informative environment for people in different communities to make friends, learn new technologies and inspire each other in the conference.
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