BoF - Raspberry Pi 400/ Compute Module 4/ Raspberry Pi Pico and more - let's discuss how to make your own things

Let's talk latest Raspberry Pi with your 'project'. It is under COVID-19 'painful' environment. though, Raspberry Pi has released many products - Raspberry Pi 400/ Compute Module 4 / Raspberry Pi Pico micro controller. Raspberry Pi is now not only hobbies and education use but also Embedded products for startup/Enterprise.

Masafumi will introduce latest Raspberry Pi information (its products/software and etc) and discuss with you what you make with Raspberry Pi for your projects - hobbies/educations/Enterprise and startup business and more. Masafumi will talk BoF style this year to call for good projects to introduce to Raspberry Pi like CutiePi by Penk Chen, one of most successful Taiwanese Raspberry Pi project.

Masafumi Ohta

Masafumi Ohta

Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group / Japan

Masafumi is leading Raspberry Pi community in Japan and has been helping Raspberry Pi since 2012 as an official volunteer for their business - it is not only Japanese but also Asian people. lately, Masafumi looking into Raspberry Pi's business for Enterprise users, I have helped many companies with their business with Raspberry Pi.
Masafumi has talked about many more OSS events all over the world:

  • HKOSCN19
  • FOSSASIA19.21
  • FOSEDM19
  • COSCUP19,20,21
  • OpenSource Summit North America/Europe/Japan

For more detail about me: ,  about my contribution for Raspberry Pi (Foundation/Trading)