What's New in MySQL 8.0

In this session learn about the new features in MySQL 8.0 Development Milestone Release, including the new transactional data dictionary, SQL roles, new character sets and collations, and much more.

Day 1 (9th June) 01:50 PM - 02:20 PM
Function Room 1 and 2
English (English Slides)
For Coders and Tech Audiences with General Knowledge and Skills.
Basic knowledge of database


Photo of Ryusuke Kajiyama

Ryusuke Kajiyama RKajiyama

Ryusuke Kajiyama(梶山隆輔) is Open Source Specialist with 10+ years of experience of systems design using MySQL and open source solutions. He originally joined MySQL AB, and is currently managing MySQL Sales Consultant team of Asia Pacific region at Oracle.

Nationality: Japan
Community: MySQL
Company: MySQL