Pentest fun with metasploit framework II

This talk would be covering a quick recap of why we need penetration testing, what metasploit framework is, and how to use it for penetration testing. The talk would be including a mimic penetration testing scenario as a showcase for how the framework is used. Participants would expect after some introductory slides, live demo (mainly command line interface) would take place. Though it is not necessary, it is encouraged that participants would bring their own laptop to follow the demo if they wish to.

Day 2 (10th June) 04:00 PM - 04:30 PM
Training Room 3
English (English Slides)
For Coders and Tech Audiences with General Knowledge and Skills.
Basic *nix commands, interest in information security


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Hayden Chung fhoshino

Hayden Chung, a freelance system administrator, describes himself as an information security fanatics which loves to try out new technology. Former guest speaker in OSHK starting from 2014. A community member of Mozilla Hong Kong.

Nationality: Hong Kong