JavaScript fuzzing in Mozilla, 2017

In Mozilla Firefox, the JavaScript engine (SpiderMonkey) is an important component of the Gecko platform. In this presentation, Senior Security Engineer Gary Kwong will describe how fuzzing is leveraged in the Mozilla development workflow for the JavaScript engine. He will talk about various fuzzing tools (e.g. jsfunfuzz) for such engines. The potential pitfalls of this approach and conditions under which fuzzing can be most effective will also be discussed. Finally, Gary will speak about plans for the future of some of these tools.

Day 2 (10th June) 04:40 PM - 05:10 PM
Training Theatre
English (English Slides)
For Advanced Coders & Tech Audiences.
Be able to understand fuzzing (random black box testing)


Photo of Gary Kwong

Gary Kwong gkw

Gary Kwong is a senior security engineer at Mozilla and a long-time member of its community. He specialises in running JavaScript fuzzers that rigorously test SpiderMonkey - the JavaScript engine of the Gecko platform on which Mozilla Firefox is based. Gary is passionate about human languages and breaking things in general.

Nationality: Singapore Live In: (lives in United States)